Ian Mitchell King

Ian Mitchell King

Ian Mitchell King is a kind-hearted man who donates to various organizations and groups. This includes Surfers United, the Rose Parade, and hurricane relief opportunities. He also participates in Camp Pendleton clothes and toy drives each year.

Mitchell volunteers with the local homeless shelter and PALS youth center, supporting deserving individuals in the community. He regularly helps with the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and Pasadena Homeless Shelter.

His philanthropic efforts are extensive and varied. As a dedicated Rotarian, he participates in several Rotary clubs, including Pasadena, Studio City/Sherman Oaks, Granada Hills, Los Angeles 5, and San Fernando Valley Evening Rotary. His volunteering spans numerous causes, notably supporting homeless outreach, battered women, underprivileged youth, veterans, and other marginalized groups. He also contributes to religious organizations, including The Aleph Institute.

King's humanitarian efforts extend to his role as an ambassador for the Rose Parade and his active participation in hurricane relief efforts. He also supports initiatives for disabled individuals and regularly participates in Camp Pendleton's clothing and toy drives.

His involvement in community service is further exemplified by volunteering at local homeless shelters and the PALS youth center, where he offers support and mentorship. He is also integral to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and Pasadena Homeless Shelter, providing essential assistance as needed.

Ian King is a man of many talents and experiences. His military background has allowed him to engage in philanthropic activities, which he truly enjoys. He is a member of the American Legion and Marine Corps League, requiring honorable military service. He works to help give back to the community and other enlisted veterans within these organizations. This is a brief overview of the many volunteer activities he engages in on a routine basis - it's possible to find him giving back frequently and in any way he can.

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